Own and distributed products

Introduction of food products:

- BL-55 – flour with 0.55% mineral content (fine flour)
- BL-80 – flour with 0.80% mineral content (white bread flour)
- BL-112 – flour with 1.12% mineral content (bread flour)
- BL-160 (dark bread flour)
- BFF-55 - "double large-grain wheat flour", rather rough grains (baking flour)
- BF-55 - large-grain wheat flour (mix of baking and fine flour)
- Wheat meal
- Whole grain flour (GL-200)
- Rye flours (RL-90, RLTK-190)
- Spelt flours (TBL-70, TBL-300)

- bran
- feed flour
- broken wheat grains


1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 20kg paper bag, 30kg paper bag, 50kg polypropylene (PP), bulk (fluid)

Flour groups:

- according to crop type (wheat, rye, rice, maize etc.)
- according to grain size (plain flour, large-grain flour etc.)
- according to ash content (providing the color of flour) – ash content is the quantity of inorganic material remaining after calefaction and cyanhydrique treatment.