Basis of our company's operation:
- experience of three generations
- keeping the traditional values of the milling industry in mind
- application of modern-age technology

In addition to decades of professional experience and the use of the most modern techniques, the geographical location and catchment zone of our mills play an important role in producing excellent quality products. The majority of crop suppliers of our mills produce in the region of Mezfld which is the best quality wheat producing area of Hungary. Nearly all processed grains originate from this area, which guarantees the production of constantly high quality grist.

We can satisfy many types of customer needs with our wide range which includes, among others, TL – target flour for alimentary pastes use, BFF55 – baking flour, "double large-grain" wheat flour, BL55 – plain flour for general use, BL80 – flour used for baking bread, BL112 – dark flour used for producing brown bread by the industry.